I am very proud to use and endorse British Drum Company, Amedia Cymbals, 
Remo drumheads, Balbex sticks and Protection Racket cases.

Equipment (live)
British Drum Company Legend Series
22x16, 12x8, 14x14, 16x16.
14x6 Bluebird snare

Amedia Cymbals
14" Classic Hi-Hats
18" Fusion Crash, 20" Thrace Crash, 19" Kommagene Crash
22" Galata Ride.
Artist page - here

Remo Drumheads
P77 - Snare drum / Coated Emperors - toms / P4 kick drum

Balbex Sticks
5A Hickory wooden tip
Artist page - here

Protection Racket cases
AAA Rigid Cases.
Artist page - here

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