Wednesday, 2 August 2017

May/June Updates

After a few days recovering from our Ducking Punches UK tour (I always need a few days to adjust back to 'normal life'), it gave me some time to catch up on some teaching as well as working on some new songs that we're currently working on.
It was great to see how my students had progressed over the last few weeks and to make sure that any were prepared for any up-coming Rockschool exams.
By the time we had booked the van, crossings, merch, worked on the set-list etc, it was time to head off on tour yet again. This time it was going to be two weeks around mainland Europe.
We left on the 25th May, playing The Monatgue Arms in London before heading to play El Topo Goes Loco Festival in Mol, Belgium. We had played El Topo a few years back and it's always a brilliant place to catch up with old friends, make a tonne more and see some great bands. They always have a live punk karaoke band at the end of the night and we couldn't resist joining in, and so the night ended with me rolling around on the beer soaked floor singing 'Gotta Go' by Agnostic Front.
The following day we played another festival (Incore) in Saarbruken, Germany which our UK buddies Apologies, I Have None were also playing. It had been a few years since I had seen them and they smashed it, proving why they are one of the hottest bands in the UK right now.
The next few days, as always, started to blend into one. You lose track of days, times, bands playing, and where you even are. We played a great place in Switzerland before working our way through Mainz, Leipzig, Berlin (always my favourite city) Zittau, Prague, Gottingen (where we got our own private cinema viewing of The Blues Brothers) Plan B in Bielefeld (best bar in Europe) Eindhoven, Merksam and finishing off in Eupen in Belgium where we stayed above a bakery shop and got amazing bread in the morning. It was all over so fast and as much as I wanted to get home and see the family, it's always hard to fend off the post-tour blues.
Luckily, I had a 2 week holiday booked for Wales the day after I got home. We took our camper and amazingly were there when the 2 week heatwave heat. 

Guilty Party - Jacksons Lane
Tickets can now be booked for Guilty Party at Jacksons Lane Theatre, London.
This was a show that I was involved in at the end of last year and features cabaret, live music, interactive theatre and DJ's. Last time we took over the whole of the Norwich Arts Centre and this time we'll have different locations set up around Jacksons Lane for you to explore. I might even be doing some 'acting' as well as being in the live band.
As this is part of the Postcards Festival it's a pay what you like event.