Thursday, 11 May 2017

March/April Updates

So after 20 years of teaching I had my final timetabled student in today.  
It's scary yet exciting to think that my bills will have to be paid mainly through playing (plus the odd bit of teaching between touring)
The first thing I wanted to do today was get my studio set up so that I could record at the touch of a button. Mega thanks to Peter Fellowes from Southpaw for helping me get started. I've got a lot to learn but that's the fun of life right? I think I thrive being out of my comfort zone.
The second thing was a celebratory cup of tea and oreos.
I'm a great believer in following your heart and just going for what feels right and I believe that with hard work and being nice you'll reap the rewards. Keep the passion burning and never have any regrets.

My teaching schedule can now be found online here so please give me an email or text if you wish to book in. 
I'm very excited to start recording, so if anyone or any band is after some drum tracks for any project then please give me a message.

Amedia Cymbals 'Pop In' Day
Thanks to Stu and everyone else at Create Norwich for welcoming me and the Amedia crew in for a 'try out' day in March. Thanks to everyone who came down, it was great to see so many drummers all together, we'll be running another event like this later in the year so if you want to come down and try the finest cymbals on the market then keep your eyes out.

North Custom Drums
Just took delivery of an additional 10" rack tom that I wanted adding to my 2'nd set up. As you can see, it's truly stunning. Andrew and the rest at North Custom Drums truly do the most incredible job, swing by and have a look at their new website.

Rhythm Magazine Review
While I'm on the subject of North Custom Drums, it blew me away to see my own personal snare (the one I got from the London Drum Show) being reviewed in Rhythm Magazine. It meant a few weeks without it, but it was worth it when the issue dropped through my letterbox. 4 stars. It is a beast.

I Said Goodbye - Epic Studios
At the end of March my band I Said Goodbye headed down to Epic Studios in Norwich (the former ITV studios) to record a couple of live songs. 
We picked two songs from our upcoming album Fairweather; they were Money And The Crown and Smokehouse. Both of these videos should be up online soon we hope
We are also very pleased to announce that the album will be getting released on the brilliant  Little Rocket Records label late 2017/early 2018 with a couple of music videos to be released before then.

Car booting
I really do love a carboot, I think it's because I'm the sort of person that doesn't really like spending much money on anything. I always keep half an eye out on any drum bits, but to be honest it's rare that you see anything other than a cheap starter kit. However this week something did catch my eye and after a bit of haggling I managed to buy this pretty Ajax snare for an amazing £8! After a little bit of research online I managed to date it from around 1948. Sure, it doesn't look like much right now, but once I've stripped it down and cleaned her up she'll be a beauty. 

One of my favourite bands are called Lemuria and their drummer Alex Kerns is one of the best about. I've always found his approach to drum parts interesting and non-conventional. I was so happy when they recently announced they were to tour the UK in July that I though I'd work out one of my favourite grooves of his; the verse part in Paint The Youth. 
It's a really interesting linear groove with some cool snare syncopation and interesting tom accents. It's a lovely groove and really fun to play, I even worked out the notation which you can see below.

Hope you're all having a great time and looking forward to Summer. I've just got back from our headline tour of the UK and have a couple of weeks to chill at home before we head back out to Europe on the 25th May.

Last day of D.P. tour at Norwich Arts Centre. Photo by Charlie Wallis