Thursday, 9 March 2017

January/February Updates

First of all, I'd like to say a Happy New Year to everybody. I hope you all saw the New Year in having fun and are feeling a lot more postive about this year. 2016 was a strange one in many ways, I saw a lot of division and hatred rear it's ugly head and what with Brexit and Trump being elected it seemed like we'd gone back a step or two.
However as the months passed on, I found that a lot of people round me were intent on not letting this bring them down and in many ways made them feel more proactive to make their lives and the ones around them better. I personally did a lot of thinking about my carrer and my aims and goals going forward. Ducking Punches have got to that position where we are looking at pushing on in terms of more time touring, so I made the slightly scary decision to stop regular timetabled lessons to allow me much more time to focus on all the other apects of my drumming. I will be taking a few lessons around my schedule and an online calender can be found under the 'Tuition' section. If you want to book into an available slot then please email or text me.
Speaking of Ducking Punches, we have just announced the first couple of tours for the year. Starting in April, we will be doing two weeks around the UK ending in a hometown show at the Norwich Arts Centre. Followed by a European tour in May into June. Details can be viewed below.

I Said Goodbye video shoot
My other band I Said Goodbye shot our first music video on the 12th February. The song is called Take Me Home and is from our upcoming album Fairweather which is in the final mastering stage right now. The video was shot around Norwich before the final 'live' shots at my studio. You can find out more about us here.