Thursday, 12 January 2017

November/December Updates

So, we've just hit the end of 2016 and what a crazy year it has been. From a personal point of view it has been another brilliant year; I toured 14 different countries including America, secured three endorsement deals with the greatest companies out there and saw my pupils progress beyond belief.

London Drum Show
November always brings the London Drum Show and this year would be my 5th year. However this time I was there to represent North Custom Drums and Amedia Cymbals. I feel very proud being asked to help out by Andrew (North) and Alex (Amedia) and it was a complete pleasure getting to chat and show the many hundreds of drummers who stopped by 'our' gear.
I took my own personal set up down for people to stop and try and the feedback we recieved was just incredible. It was wonderful to meet so many new people and feel 'involved' in our little scene, the major highlight was when Brian Frasier-Moore (Madonna/Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson) stopped by for a little play on my kit and told me I was such a lucky man to have such a beautiful set up.
All in all a really fantastic (if loud) couple of days; there is rumours flying around of a new drum event starting in 2017 so I'll be keeping a very keen eye on developments there.

While at the LDS, I fell in love with a snare on the North Custom Drums stand and I just had to have
it. It was one of those times where each time you hit it you smile, the sound and look of it is pure perfection.
Luckily I played it as the doors for the first day were opening and I whipped it up before anyone else had the chance to!
This is one of only two 'hybrid' shells that NCD have ever made; it's a 14x5.5 10 ply mahogany with a copper core and beech re-rings. It's finished in white marine pearl, has single flanged hoops, beaver tail lugs and trick throw off.
The combination of the two shell materials really work together, so you get the warmth of the mahogany but with an extra crack from the copper core. I can't wait to start gigging/recording with this.

I Said Goodbye
My new band I Said Goodbye starting playing some shows as well in November and so far it's been getting a great response. The album is now being mixed and pencilled in for a spring 2017 release, we are also planning an April Euro tour with details up soon.

Rockschool Results
Once again, well done to all of my students who took and passed their Rockschool Grade exams. There was some incredible results and comments back from the examiners. As always I'm very proud of how all the work they put in both at home and within their lessons. Anyone wishing to take a grade exam in 2017 please discuss with me and we can get you entered in.

Guilty Party
The year was wrapped up nicely with my involvement in 'Guilty Party' This was three nights of cabaret, circus, live music and immersive theatre. The entire Norwich Arts Centre was turned into a downtown speakeasy where audience members could explore and follow the story of some intriguing characters throughout the night. I was in the club band playing a cocktail kit (for the first time ever) in the bar area before moving onto a full kit during the cabaret. Everyone involved worked their socks off to create a really fun event that was a pleasure to be involved with.