Saturday, 9 January 2016

September/October Updates

Since my last update, I have had two month of absolute flat out teaching. A lot of my students have been preparing for Grade exams, joining new bands at school or have just had that general resurgence of enthusiasm that September seems to bring.
I said goodbye to a few students who were moving away to start uni, but gained some lovely new ones along the way. Once again I feel humbled every time someone calls me saying they've heard good things about me and can I fit them in. I never take my job for granted and feel super proud to be surviving off my own back in what can be a tough world.
I did however, manage to tick something off that I have wanted to do all my playing career; tour the USA.
I've played all over the UK and the vast majority of European countries, but something felt extra special when we got on that plane destined for Washington.
We scheduled a day off to begin with so we could get over any potential jet lag and to generally get the 'feeling' of being so far away from home. It worked really well being in Washington DC as there were so many tourist sites to see; from the White House to the Lincoln memorial, we did em all!
From that point on we worked our way down to Florida and back again, playing 11 shows in total. It was a lot of driving and we didnt see too much of the cities (you never do when touring) but all of the shows were great and we met so many awesome people along the way. The highlight for me was playing The Fest in Gainesville, a yearly festival featuring some of my favourite bands, it felt an honour to be amongst them. I should also give a huge shout out to the wonderful Empty Lungs from Ireland who were our touring buddies, an excellent band and and excellent bunch of people, we coudn't have asked for a better band to share the road and stage with. Check them out.