Wednesday, 18 November 2015

July/August Updates

Wow, so this summer just flew by yet again didn't it?! This was the first summer with my son, so I made sure I spent what little free time I had going outside and exploring the world. I think when you have a child of your own you start to look at the wonders of the world in a different way. It really does make you reassess your life and see what's important. Everday I have to pinch myself and remember just how lucky I am to live my life doing what I truly love and to have such an incredible, supportive family around me. 

Ducking Punches - Fizzy Brain.
One of the biggest projects for me this year was the writing and recording of the new Ducking Punches album. It took us roughly a year and a half to get everything in place. We were super happy with our first album 'Dance Before You Sleep' but definitely felt like we had to up our game with this one. We recorded at Sick Room Studios in Norfolk. Drums were set up on the 20th July and over that day and the next morning, we tracked drums for all 11 songs. Over the course of the next 8 days, it was exciting to hear the songs come alive. Recording is always one of my favourite processess and we were all truly proud of what we had put together. I used my Tama Superstar, Natal Aluminium Snare and Zildian A Customs on this session. .

During all of this our pledge campaign ended with us hitting a crazy 196%! The support that we got throughout was truly humbling, so thank you so much to anyone who pledged.
The album is now mastered and ready to be sent to the pressing plant and we're about to announce which label is releasing it

Alongside recording, we managed to get in another BBC Introducing Session. For this we played a song off the new album called 'Greedy Bones' You can find this clip on YouTube and in my videos sections. We also played a few festivals including Boomtown and (for me) one that I had always wanted to play; Reading and Leeds Festival. To be involved was an absolute honour, I used to go most years as a kid and teenager, so to see it from the other side was just incredible.

Other bits!
My teaching schedule has been crazy throughout all of this, my students are showing real progression and have stormed through all their Rockschool exams yet again. I feel so lucky to have so many awesome kids and adults coming in fortnighty to see me. To wake up in the morning and feel excited about going to work is a truly wonderful thing.
I've also been asked to stand in and do a few shows for The Kimberley Moore band, I've known and admired Kim for a long time now and it's been fantastic to back her.