Wednesday, 6 May 2015

March/April Updates

Another hugely busy two months which brought with them tours, videos, recordings and song-writing sessions, as well as my regular teaching schedule.
I was on the road for two weeks in April with Ducking Punches. We visited cities in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium as well as the UK. I was pretty worried about leaving my boy at home for the very first time and it was hard. Very hard. I missed him, I missed my wife, I missed home. There were times when I was trying to sleep on someones kitchen floor and I was wide awake thinking "is this worth it?"
But you know; every single day when we set up and played a show, I looked out and saw complete strangers singing along to our songs.
I knew in those moments why I do this.
These are the times that all musicians should live for. Those times that you're so incapsulated in music that it's all that matters. I don't think that feeling will ever let up and being stuck in a van with 4 of your favourite ever people having these experiences is something that I'll always treasure.

We are currently working towards the next album which is pencilled in to be recorded this Summer. I think it shows our progression since 'Dance Before You Sleep' and I feel truly excited for everyone to hear the new songs. In the meantime, we released another video, this time for the track 'It's Been A Bad Few Weeks' It was shot at our local (and favourite) venue The Owl Sanctuary by the ever amazing Charlie Wallis.
There are also some great photos up of the shoot at

Rockshool Results
Great to see continued progression amongst my students. Every day seems to bring with it new experiences in the studio; whether that is someone suggesting a new band or drummer or showing me something I've never done myself. Every day is different and that's why I love doing my job. 
Once more I was super proud of how my students got on in their exams in this period. There were some fantastic results, including a 94% for Grade 7 and 96% for Grade 2. It is always exciting for me when a students rings to let me know how they got on.

Cymbal Magic
Just wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful Benjamin Camp at Cymbal Magic for the fine work he did on repairing my Zildjian Z3 crash. I don't go through a lot of cymbals, but when I noticed a crack appearing (I actually heard the change in sound before seeing it!) I thought rather than splashing money out on a new one that I'd get it repaired professionally instead. Ben was quick, professional and he did a top notch job. Plus it only cost £20 to get a £200 cymbal back to sounding how it should.