Friday, 10 October 2014

July/August Updates

Summer flew past yet again this year, with lots of teaching, gigging and of course heaps of practicing.
I picked up a great book called Mind Over Meter by UK freelance drummer James Hester, which is full of mind-boggling sticking patterns and grouping exercises guaranteed to frustrate the hell out of you (in the best way possible) If you want to attempt doing phrases of 5 in groupings of 7 then you should pick up a copy at  There is a list of some other great books that I would recommend in my 'Practice Tips' section.
3 weeks of July was given up to a Ducking Punches tour of Europe. 20 shows, 21 days, covering Holland, Germany, Belgium and three new countries for me; Hungary, Slovenia and Austria. Norwich band Other Half came along with us, it's really worth cheking out their stuff at We played some incredible shows, met up with some old friends and made many more new ones along the way. Sure you can miss your home and your family, but being on the road playing with your best buddies is truly one of the most amazing and heart-warming experiences anyone could ever have.

Ducking Punches and Other Half. Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Rockschool Results
Summer was also a time of getting some of my students prepared for their Rockschool exams. It was great to see the extra push that they all made leading up to their exam dates. The efforts really paid off with every single one getting either Merits or Distinctions, proving that practice does really pay off in the end.