Saturday, 23 November 2013

November/December 2013 Updates!

Block Fort - Quit Your Job Pt2
My new band Block Fort have just put our first video up online. We invited a few friends round to my house and shot this one evening with my camcorder. Sometimes you don't need a big budget (or any budget at all!) to create a music video. The response has been great so far and we're already putting some ideas together for the next one.
We have also just put in place plans for our next release; details will be released as soon as it's all been finalised with the label, we are all really excited about it though!

The Doublecross - Precious Time
Not one but two videos out this month! After 2 and a bit years of recording, mixing and mastering The Doublecross album is about to be unleashed! It seems so long ago now that my parts went down and listening back on fresh ears I'm super proud of how it all sounds. The first single is called Precious Time and below you can see the link to the video.

Rockschool Results
A massive congratulations to all of my students who took and passed their Grade exams this period; all of them came away with Merits and Distinctions and it was lovely to hear some great feedback from the examiner.