Sunday, 27 January 2013

January/February 2013 Updates!

Happy New Year
First of all I would like to wish everyone a happy and productive new year. 2013 is looking great already, with tours, studio sessions, video shoots and a super busy teaching schedule already booked in.

Bad Ideas - 'Compromise' Session
The year got right off to a bang with a week spent at Pete Miles' Middle Farm Studio in Devon with Bad Ideas to record our second album 'Compromise'. I couldn't wait to spend time at this studio as some of my favourite bands like Tellison, Great Cynics, King Blues, Crazy Arm and Muncie Girls have recorded there in the past with awesome results. The great James Bragg was the engineer and we decided to track the Drums, Bass and Acoustic guitar live (some with a click, some without) to keep a live, organic feel to the songs. The 11 tracks have come out just perfect and we can't wait to get it released now.
We will release a single/video at the end of March to coincide with a two week album release tour which we will be doing with our friends the River Jumpers from Brighton.
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 For this session I used;
Tama Starclassic Bubinga 22" Bass Drum
DW Collectors Series 12" and 16" Toms
DHC 14"x8" Maple Custom Snare

Zildjian A Custom Projections;
13" Hi-Hat, 17"/18" Crashs, 21" Ping Ride

Old '70s Ludwig Bass Drum and 14" Pearl Brass Piccolo Snare (overdubs on 'No Secret, I')

Remo Coated Emperors

Check out the videos below of a couple of new tracks. 
One is an acoustic version of  'Dirty Habbits' and the other is a promo video for 'Shells & Stones'