Tuesday, 14 August 2012

July/August 2012 Update!

Drumport Arrives!!!
First of all, I'm pleased to announce that as of today I am endorsing the new Drumport system. For those who havent seen or heard them yet, then you're missing out big time. It's a similar concept to another port device that you can get (that I have tried before) but unlike that one, the Drumport replaces the whole front skin. When it arrived today, it took me 5 mins to put on and was amazed by just how much punch it added to my Bass-Drum, my 22x20 sounded pretty thuderous before, but now it sounds epic! The extra punch and volume that it adds just makes it cut through a treat. You can also get it in various colours (including transparent/custom/pretty much anything you can think of) and look wicked as well. You can get more info/contact them via their website www.drumport.co.uk. Great company, great people, but most importantly a really usuable, great product.
I will have this on my kit on the upcoming Bad Ideas/The Doublecross Tour, check out our facebook for full tour dates.

Bad Ideas - Storm At The Shaw Video/UK Tour
We have just got the final version of the video back for the song 'Storm At The Shaw' check the link out below. Also, thanks to everyone that made it out to any of our shows, we had a great time and got to play alongside some great bands in some great venues. A massive shout out to the following; The Doublecross, Gnarwolves, Shankland, Lock And Keys, Cordell, Onsind, Pipebomb and all that played at the Deadpunk all-dayer.