Monday, 2 July 2012

May/June 2012 Update!

I've had a really good couple of months since my last update. The start of May kicked off with a Broken Window Effect mini-tour in which we also had copies of the latest EP on sale. The shows went really well and we got to play with some awesome bands such as Zapian, Cordell, Caves, Spraynard, Great Cynics and Slow Science. Check out any of these bands if you havent come across them yet. We managed to sneak in a couple of other dates, most notably at Crash Doubt Festival and shows with Our Time Down Here and All Eyes West.

In the course of a week I had a couple of music videos to shoot, one of which involved a trip to Bassingham, Lincolnshire to shoot for the song 'Storm At The Shore' from the Bad Ideas album. Once, more Steven J Haddock filmed and storyboarded it. The majority of the video involved more 'acting' than playing which was really fun, although setting up the kit and playing full blast in the forest with smoke grenades blasting off around us was undoubtably the highlight. Once its back from editing, expect to see it straight up on here.

The other video I did was filmed at my studio and is for one of the tracks 'She'll Figure Him Out' from the upcoming Ducking Punches 7" (released on Lockjaw Records on 6th July) Again, it'll be up here, once it's all been completed.

Teaching wise, its been a busy time with a few pupils of mine taking (and passing!) their Rockschool Grade exams. The brand new sylabus has just popped through my door from them, so once I've learnt all the songs this week I'll be teaching from them as of next week!
Next week I get married and head off to Seattle on honeymoon for a couple of weeks, then I'm off on Tour for two weeks on the 15th August playing in The Doublecross and Bad Ideas. My next update will happen once I've recovered from it all!