Wednesday, 2 May 2012

March/April 2012 Update

Bad Ideas - 172 Music Video
I'm pleased to announce that the second video from the Bad Ideas 'Murder Of Gods' album I played on has just been released. It was done by the wonderful Steven Jon Haddock, who has done a terrific job. We have chatted about the next video maybe being a full band one, which may get done after summer time.
We are just booking up some dates for a 2/3 week August tour, dates will be announced nearer the time; in the meantime, enjoy the video!

Broken Window/Whiskers Ep's Released On Aaahh! Real Records.
I'm pleased to say that both of these Ep's have been finished and the lovely chaps at Aaahh! Real Records will be releasing them, infact you can pre-order now at
Deities Recording Session - 20th April
I was asked to go and record 4 tracks for a new Norwich band called Deities, I was given a rough guide track and some rough drum ideas a couple of weeks beforehand and on the day we just took an hour or so on each track messing around with different parts and ideas. I think they've come out really well, I was used to working with singer/guitarist Dempsey as I used to play in a band called This Business Is Closed with him.
As usual, I recorded with my usual Tama/Zildjian/DHC Snare set-up and once again it's come out sounding great. The other guys have just gotta get their parts down and it's all good to go.