Friday, 23 December 2011

DHC Snare Drum Arrives

Just taken delivery of my custom built Snare from DHC Custom Drums of Bridgend.
The specs are; 14x8 10 ply Maple shell, tube lugs, Trick Throw Off with Puresound 'Blaster' wires, finished in a nice dark mahogony style stain.
This is the first snare that has been built by Dai and as you can see it's been a labour of love from him. First impressions were of a flawless finish and excellent build quality. With a bit of tweaking of the heads it straight away gave me that warm, slightly dry, deep 'woody' sound that I was after. I was surprised just how responsive such a deep snare is, with ghost and buzz notes being translated wonderfully. At medium tuning with two bits of moongel I have got the sound that I was after when I first got chatting with Dai, but I was amazed at just how versatile this snare is at both high and low tunings. Lovely rim shots and sidesticks as well as being able to get a lively timbale sound with the wires off and cranked up high. 
This is a snare that I could happily play all day and I can't wait to get it out on the road.
I'm really excited to see where this new company is gonna go from here, I already have a few ideas of bits I'll be getting Dai to make for me in 2012!

DHC offer kit refurbs as well as custom building to any specs you fancy, check em out on facebook or via their blog site;

Friday, 9 December 2011

December 2011 update

Bad Ideas Music Video

You can now check out the new Bad Ideas music video of 'Sing Or Sink' which was done by the wonderful Steve Haddock. One of my favourite tracks off the album 'Murder Of Gods' even though I'm only actually playing for about a minute at the end.

Other Band News
Elsewhere, the WHISKERS EP has got released which you can get via
The BAD IDEAS album 'Murder Of Gods' is on its way back from the pressing plant and is being released by Bad Mood, Fond Of Life and Shield Records. Again this can also be got at
The BROKEN WINDOW EFFECT vocals are being finished this month so looks like the mini-album will be out in January.
THE DOUBLECROSS album is coming along nicely, with the majority of guitar and bass down and is sounding brilliant already. The remaining vocals and other instrumentations will be laid down in Cardiff in the new year with a pencilled in Spring 2012 release date.
I have also been asked to play on the new DUCKING PUNCHES EP which is great as I'm a big fan of Dan Allens, and was really happy with how the last EP came out which I also played on. More news will be up as and when it gets sorted!