Friday, 28 October 2011

DHC Custom Drums

Just to let you all know about an awesome new UK based custom drum company that has just started up. DHC Drums is based in Bridgend, Wales and offers everything from custom made snare drums right up to full kit refurbs.
I'm very excited to say that they will be building me a 14x8 maple snare drum any time soon.
Give Dai a shout and he'll sort you out, expect some pics/vids of my new snare asap!
Keep fully up to date with them at;

Friday, 21 October 2011

October 2011 update.

The Doublecross - "Nothings Easy" Album Recording Session; 24th October 

One of my favourite albums back in 2009 was 'Things Will Never Change' by Welsh band The Doublecross, which featured singer/guitarist Jon Greenwood with a whole host (26 I believe) of guest musicians.
I was lucky enough to become good friends with Jon over the past couple of years and was honoured when he asked me and my band (This Business Is Closed) to become a kind of backing band for him (both live and now, on a new album)
It's safe to say that 'Nothings Easy' picks up where the last one left off, with a mixture of bitter-sweet songs lodged somewhere between the Lemonheads, Hot Water Music and Bruce Springsteen. We spent 3 days at the studio getting the 13 drum tracks down, which are sounding amazing thanks yet again to Andrew Gunn (of Purple Studios, Norwich) The rest of the album will be laid down between now and early 2012, which the release being penciled in for sometime in April 2012, keep an eye out.

For this session I used;
Tama Superstar 22" Bass Drum/12" Hyperdrive Tom/16" Hyperdrive Floor Tom.
Ludwig Supraphonic 402 Snare circa 1967.
Modern Zildjian A Custom Cymbals - 14" Mastersound Hi-Hats/17" and 18" Crashs/22" Ping Ride.
Coated Remo Emperors on Toms/Ambassador on Snare.

Sennheiser e906 & Superlux Drum Pack mic on Bass Drum.
Beyer Dynamic 201 & SM57 on Snare.
AKG 414 & Superlux Dynamic on rack. SM57 & Superlux Dynamic on Floor Tom.
Superlux Condensers and Dynmics on Hi-Hat and Ride.
Audio Technica 4033 (x2) as overheads. SE mini for ambient and AKG451 as room mic (behind kit)

Broken Window Effect - 7 Track Mini Album Recording Session
10th October
Mid October saw my band Broken Window Effect going into the studio to record a 'live' mini album consisting of 4 old songs (that we hadn't yet released) and 3 new ones. It's not often that you go into a studio to play the songs (minus vocals) live; it's a much more difficult, but theoretically quicker process than doing each instrument invidually, cause if one of you goes wrong you have to start the whole song again. We probably weren't as fully practiced as we should have been but we were still able to get them down within the day and are pretty chuffed with the results so thanks to the awesome skills of Andrew Gunn. All we've got left to do the vocals and get the artwork sorted. The ace guys at Argghhh!! Real Records will be putting it out, I'll put links up when it is!
FFO Samian, Iron Chic, Above Them.
For this session I just used my usual Tama Superstar set up with my 402 snare and A and Z Customs.

Bad Ideas - "Murder Of Gods" Album Recording Session
1st September
Bad Ideas is the brain child of Sam Cook, ex-Living Daylights vocalist. September saw me going into the studio to record debut album 'Murder Of Gods' after a weekend of band practices in Norwich. Wongs in Leicester was that studio and was full to the brim with vintage gear and run by some of the nicest (and talented) people I've ever met. The vibe was perfect to get a lovely warm vintage sounding kit, we really spent the full 5 days playing with different equipment and tunings to completment each song. I'm immensly proud how this album has come out and can't wait for it to see the light of day (early 2012) and get on the road touring it to. You can hear one of the tracks 'One Seven Two' at

For this session I used;
Tama Superstar 22" Bass Drum/12" Hyperdrive Tom.
Premier Resonator 20" Bass Drum/16" Floor Tom circa 1970's.
Ludwig Supraphonic 402 Snare circa 1967. Ludwig Black Magic Snare.
Mixture of 1970's and modern Zildjian A Custom cymbals.
Coated Remo Ambassadors all round, except a Powerstroke on the Bass Drum.

Teaching Studio now completed!

I'm now offering lessons at my purpose build studio in Norwich, get in touch via my website if you're interested in booking in with me.